In February 2010, we started expanding the junior section within the Golf & Business Club Kampenhout. After several years of gradual build-up and a focus mainly on lessons and internships, we worked out clear objectives from the junior section and the Committee in early 2010. We started to build a solid foundation with the aim of offering our youth a full programme within our club before we want to go public with our junior players.

Junior Golf Kampenhout initially wants to offer the youth of Golf & Business Club Kampenhout a full programme of lessons and training, obtaining a Golf Certificate (Route36), its own competitions as well as internships or camps. Within this programme, we will work according to certain schedules in which all kinds of aspects of golf will receive the necessary attention, such as: techniques, playing skills, etiquette, rules, physicality, nutrition, fair play, game forms, etc. Our aim is to train as many youth players as possible into fully-fledged youth golfers and to give them the best possible guidance in this.

From 2016, we started a fully-fledged sports programme adapted to the capabilities of everyone. A competitive component was added to the programme. In 2018, there will be an extra focus on the competitive component by offering extra lessons, training sessions and a more individual approach.

For example, with the youngest juniors – who often do not have an official handicap – we will emphasise learning all parts of golf through play. To this end, we regularly set up specific competitions on the par-3 practice holes or with adapted tees (orange tees).

Young people who already have an official disability are divided into four groups. For them, we organise adapted in-depth lessons. Our goal is to eventually delegate several juniors to the Golf Flanders, AFGolf and federal competitions. After all, golf has been an Olympic sport since 2016. There is a real chance that Belgium will one day be represented there by one of the current junior players from one of the Belgian clubs. Provided proper quality coaching, this could be a dream for many of our youth players.

Finally, as in previous years, we want to emphasise the group event more. Since 2021, and we will also extend this to 2023, not least to the development of a girls’ group, our motto is: “You also play golf together”. To achieve this, we will organise several activities outside lessons and training sessions. Meanwhile, in 2020, thanks to our sponsors, a customised “junior club uniform” was developed, which will foster a sense of belonging during all activities and highlight the visibility of Junior Golf Kampenhout inside and outside our club.

Kampenhout Golf Club has been putting a lot of effort into youth in recent years and the Junior Committee has made numerous efforts to lay the foundation for a strong youth work force. We are very proud to announce that the junior operation was awarded the highest quality recognition by Golf Flanders in 2019 and again in 2021 and 2022, no labels were awarded in 2020 because of Covid-19. Kampenhout Golf Club is one of only two Flemish clubs that achieved the prestigious Eagle Label in 2021 and 2022.

The Youth Sports Fund is a project of Golf Flanders in cooperation with the Flemish Community and Sport Flanders with the aim of helping golf clubs to optimise their youth activities and to be able to develop a balanced youth policy plan. Every golf club affiliated to Golf Flanders can participate. If a club’s youth policy meets certain criteria, it can also claim the Rabbit (Promo club), Birdie (Child-friendly club) or Eagle (Top youth club quality label).

Juniors Captain, 

start to golf

Paasmaandag 1 April 2024

Gratis golfkennismakingmoment voor jong en oud!

Wat mag je verwachten:

  • 2 uur durende initiatie
  • Je maakt kennis met de golfswing
  • Begeleiding door Golfpro’s en enthousiaste golfers ! 

Meer info en inschrijvingen vanaf 2 maart via www.golfvlaanderen.be