Make golf your passion !

Discover Golf

If you would like to get acquainted with golf, sign up for an initiation lesson. This is a unique opportunity to have a taste of golf. During a two-hour session, the basics of the game of golf will be shared by our golf professionals and initiators.

Initiation days 2023

Keep an eye on our website for upcoming dates.

Price 20€ per person. Initiation duration: 2 hours.

Starters Package

If you want to learn to play golf in a fun easy way, Kampenhout Golf Club offers a specific membership for starters which includes several individual lessons, group training sessions, starter competitions and access to all the facilities, and this for a period of six months.

During this course, under the guidance of experienced golf professionals and initiators, you will learn all the basic techniques such as chipping, pitching, swing and putting. You also have unlimited use of the various practice facilities: three practice holes, a driving range (partially covered and floodlit), a chipping green, putting green and a practice bunker. Gradually, you will also learn the theory and rules of the game.

By taking part in the lessons and training sessions and also practicing regularly, the starter package is designed, so that you will be ready to play on an 18-hole course.

Price 595€ per person. Membership and lessons for 6 months.

Starting as a junior

You can start as a girl or boy in the juniors in the year you turn 7 till 18 years old.

  • Have you already discovered golf and experienced the sensation on a Start 2 Golf session, at an initiation or together with a family member or friend?
  • You have yet to discover golf but are interested in the sport, then you can join us on Saturday afternoons for some 2 “try-out” lessons.

Are you convinced it is your sport?

As a junior, you do not have to take a starter package at all, because with a full membership, offered to you by our club at a very democratic price, you are not only a member for a year, where you can use all practice facilities and the course, but you are also offered free group lessons or training every Saturday. This is how we like to guide our juniors towards their handicap through Route 36.

Start 2 Golf Event

  • Introduction to golf
    Start 2 Golf is a free annual nationwide event designed for all those interested in golf, regardless of their golf experience. You will be introduced to golf without having to become a member right away. You don’t need to bring anything with you either, all the necessary equipment such as golf clubs and balls are made available at the club.
  • Guidance by an expert:
    Under the guidance of a golf pro or initiator, you will hit your first balls. With the help of tips and tricks, you will be introduced to the technique of the golf swing and how to putt.
  • Lots of enthusiasm:
    You will be enthusiastically welcomed by experienced golfers who love to share their passion. You can register with your own group or be added to another interested group. Together, you will explore and experience golf.

Monday 10 April 2023 !

Start 2 Golf

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start to golf

Paasmaandag 1 April 2024

Gratis golfkennismakingmoment voor jong en oud!

Wat mag je verwachten:

  • 2 uur durende initiatie
  • Je maakt kennis met de golfswing
  • Begeleiding door Golfpro’s en enthousiaste golfers ! 

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