To all – Ladies, Men’s, Seniors, Juniors, and Starters – a warm welcome to our congenial golf club!

A challenging 18-hole golf course that is becoming increasingly beautiful, achieving good sports results, but above all a friendly and enthusiastic club atmosphere are our most important assets, not forgetting attention to etiquette.

To keep a good balance between our competitive sports players on the one hand and the more recreational players on the other, we hold both fun & qualifying type competitions each year.

We start our new golf season on Sunday 2 April with the opening competition and awards ceremony of the Winter Eclectic, followed by the traditional Easter competition on Easter Day 9 April.

We hope that many of our members will participate in our weekend competitions and be present at the prize-giving ceremonies out of respect for our many sponsors, whom we would like to thank.

On behalf of the entire sports committee, I wish you all a successful and, above all, enjoyable golf year.

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Paasmaandag 1 April 2024

Gratis golfkennismakingmoment voor jong en oud!

Wat mag je verwachten:

  • 2 uur durende initiatie
  • Je maakt kennis met de golfswing
  • Begeleiding door Golfpro’s en enthousiaste golfers ! 

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