Golf Club Kampenhout offers a variety of membership rates. These rates are based on age and by purchasing a Share in the golf club, discounts will be applied. An entrance fee is not required. Junior memberships (up to 18 years) also include free weekly group lessons and training sessions. Members who take out a starter package will be offered a pro-rata membership afterwards. All other memberships always cover one calendar year.

In addition to Full membership, we also offer the option of Weekday membership. Country membership is available for golfers whose home club is elsewhere in Belgium. For companies/self-employed persons, there is the possibility to subscribe to one of our sponsorship packages, which also includes Full memberships.

The Full Membership

Annual Full membership allows you to play and practice unlimited golf throughout the year. Married couples, both owning a share, receive a further 15% discount on their annual membership fees. Young people (up to 25 years old) who are domiciled at their family home are exempt from purchasing a share if at least one of the parents has a share.

Year of Birth
With Share
No Share
1987 – Vroeger
€ 1.560
€ 1.825
1988 – 1991
€ 1.345
€ 1.575
1992 – 1996
€ 1.185
€ 1.385
1997 – 2001
€ 970
€ 1.130
2002 – 2009
€ 430
€ 575
2010 – 2011
€ 350
€ 420
2012 – 2015
€ 215
€ 255
2016 – Later
€ 135
€ 160

Week Membership

This membership formula is for shareholders only. Married couples, both owning a share, receive a 5% discount on annual membership fees.

Week members can play and practice unlimited golf during weekdays only, excluding public holidays and weekends. Week members can play during weekends or public holidays upon payment of a guest green fee.

Week Member
With Share
Yearly membership fee
€ 1.090

Country Membership

This type of membership is only valid for golfers who already have full membership at another Belgian golf club type A or B. (proof required) and is limited to a maximum of two years. Country members can play and practice unlimited golf.

Country Member
Other homeclub
Yearly membership fee
€ 1.560

If you purchase a share of Golf Club Kampenhout, it will be registered in your name. If you decide to leave the club, this share will not expire. At our golf club there is no entry fee.

All golfers in Belgium are also obliged to make an annual contribution to the Golf Federations. This is charged that is not include in the membership fee. The contribution includes a part for the Royal Belgian Golf Federation (K.G.B.F), as well as for the Flemish region (Golf Vlaanderen). Golfers are covered for a basic insurance on the golf course through this annual Golf Federations contribution.

G.B.A. Share

Buying a share of ‘Golf and Business Association’ will give you a discount on your Full membership and the opportunity to join as a Week member. Shares may be sold but must always be transferred in the share register. An administrative fee will be charged for the transfer of a share.

Other homeclub
New share (incl. admin. costs)
€ 1.859,20
Admin. cost transfer share
€ 371,84

Membership Card - Golf Federations

When taking out a membership, the club will apply for your federation card from the Royal Belgian Golf Federation (K.G.B.F.) and Golf Flanders. No federation card can be applied for without a valid membership. Depending on the club’s infrastructure, a club will offer a federation card type A and/or B and/or C. Golf Kampenhout is a club with a fully-fledged infrastructure, which offers its members a federation card type A for all membership types.

Membership Card Type
Yearly Contribution
Junior till 21 Year
€ 14
€ 64

For corporate memberships or additional information contact our office staff at or make an appointment. Everyone is always welcome for a tour of the grounds and facilities.  People without golf experience can enter into a starter package (duration: 6 months) throughout the year.