Welcome to all our beginners,

As a beginner golfer, you are not only taking your first steps to master golf, but you will also be overwhelmed with a large amount of information.

To manage all of this and thus also facilitate your integration into our club life, we organise a guidance programme.

After your registration as a beginner member, you will be invited to a welcome session. We will give you a general overview of how the club works and go over the specific things you need to know as a starter.

Before you take your theoretical test, you will take part in an organized walk around the golf course which is planned once a month. During the walk, you will get to know the rules of golf and etiquette of our sport.

After passing a practical test, you become a ‘Rabbit’ and can play on the course and take part in the 9-hole competitions organised specifically for you every Wednesday & also Sundays during the summer golf season. It is also possible to join some of the other competitions on certain days when the Ladies, Men and Senior sections hold their activities.

During the winter period, we organise a practice session/clinic every week, where, under the guidance of our golf professionals and golf initiators, you can practice different parts of the game, from putting & chipping to long hits.

For all this, we can count on a team of enthusiastic, experienced volunteers. For example, in preparation for the practical test, they will be happy to take you out on the course to play a 9-hole round together. You can then also come to them with all your questions. Just register at the office where the staff are also available to assist and explain anything and everything.

I wish you a lot of fun and success in your golf career, both on and off the course!

Responsible Starters, 

start to golf

Paasmaandag 1 April 2024

Gratis golfkennismakingmoment voor jong en oud!

Wat mag je verwachten:

  • 2 uur durende initiatie
  • Je maakt kennis met de golfswing
  • Begeleiding door Golfpro’s en enthousiaste golfers ! 

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